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Installation of plastic tiles in work areas

The installation of plastic tiles help prevent accidents in the workplace such as workshops or warehouses in all sectors. They let the water flow and create dry and safe walkways that allow the safe passage of workers.

Where to install plastic tiles

In this way, Loseplast offers a functional, cheap and quick-to-install solution to condition workspaces like: workshops or warehouses in all sectors, in tool areas, or assembly lines.

Place plastic tiles

The placement of the Loseplast plastic tiles is quite simple. It is used a tongue and groove system. The tiles are available in three sizes, so that the user chooses the size that best adapts to the space the customer has available. 250 mm x 250 mm, 333 mm x 333 mm and 500 x 500 mm. In case that the measurements are not adjusted they are easy to cut with a small saw.

Another one of the great benefits is the simple disassembly of the plastic floor or the replacement of of a broken tile for another in good condition.

Plastic floor properties

The tiles are made of polypropylene (PP). An excellent electrical insulator and a very light material. It has considerable mechanical and chemical resistance. It also has a low moisture absorption.

In conclusion, plastic floor tiles are very common in spaces dedicated to the food industry, textile or automobile, among others.


The plastic tiles of Loseplast allow to create an easy space to clean in garages and industrial zones


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