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Indoor plastic floors are used mainly in wet areas where water is often spilled. Compartments that require a coating of a material that does not deteriorate with liquids, even in the case of solvents or oils.

Loseplast plastic tiles for conditioning hygienic spaces such as a spa or a gym
Plastic tiles for use in changing rooms, gyms and common spaces

Tiles for changing rooms

Sports areas always have wet areas such as changing rooms or spas, that require a practical solution to create dry walkways in areas withconstant waterlogging. Plastic tiles can be used as a remedy for this problem. They allow to step on dry and let the water flow flow underneath. Likewise, they do not favor the proliferation of bacteria or odors.

Tiles to condition spaces dedicated to restoration such as restaurants, bars or ice cream parlors
Plastic tiles to condition the humid areas of a bar such as the bar, where drinks are usually spilled

Tiles for bars

In the Hostelry, barcounters, restaurants, coffee shops or ice cream parlours, there are always drinks spills. The high activity of these establishments forces staff to run from one place to another. It's easy to imagine that in an oversight a waiter could slip and fall with the wet floor behind the bar.

For this reason it is necessary to implement safety measures such as Loseplast's non-slip plastic tiles.

On the other hand, the tiles can serve as a dish-drying mat in the barcounter. The tiles draught allows water to pass through easily.

The Loseplast plastic tiles allow to create an easy space to clean in garages and industrial zones

Garage tiles

Garages are spaces that need continuous maintenance. Cars come back dirty from the street, wheels are often marked on the ground, and may even leak and and spill fluids onto the floor. The placement of removable plastic tiles enables a faster and simpler cleaning with a very economical cost.

In addition, plastic tiles are a coating that can withstand heavy loads and pressures such as the weight of a motorcycle or a car. And if a part is damaged, it can be easily replaced.

In all cases, such as in spas, gyms, garages or bars, the plastic floorof Loseplast favours the aesthetic renovation of spaces worn out by use.




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