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Loseplast tiles are perfect to be used around your swimming pool. A tiles carpet lets water pass and keeps the floor dry, in order to avoid slipping and dangerous situations when you are enjoying a pleasant moment in the pool together with your family or friends.

Properties of pool tiles

These polypropylene modular tiles are resistant to high temperatures, to strong impacts, to chemicals and, of course, to the deterioration generated by water due to its continuous direct contact.

In addition, the plastic tiles have an openwork layout that first of all, gives them anti-slip properties, and, secondly, allows the water to circulate. They facilitate the rapid drying of bathers or objects.

An aesthetic change for your pool

The aesthetics of the places in which a tile installation is made changes completely. It's a way of renewing the image of deteriorated spaces, or simply a little aged by the passage of time. Simultaneously improves the decorative and functional installations.

In conclusion, do you want to avoid slipping or burning your feet in the pool area? Equip yourself for this summer with the Loseplast tiles.

We remain at your disposal to answer any question. Do not hesitate and contact us to find out more about our pool tiles. We will help you to know how many square meters you need for your house.




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