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Plastic pool tiles

Loseplast tiles are perfect to be used around your swimming pool.

A tiles carpet lets water pass and keeps the floor dry, in order to avoid slipping and dangerous situations when you are enjoying a pleasant moment in the pool together with your family or friends.

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Plastic tiles for swimming pool

Installation of plastic tiles in work areas

Loseplast plastic tiles for work areas

The installation of plastic tiles help prevent accidents in the workplace such as workshops or warehouses in all sectors. They let the water flow and create dry and safe walkways that allow the safe passage of workers.

In this way, Loseplast offers a functional, cheap and quick-to-install solution to condition workspaces like: workshops or warehouses in all sectors, in tool areas, or assembly lines.

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Indoor Loseplast plastic floors

Indoor plastic floors are used mainly in wet areas where water is often spilled.

Compartments that require a coating of a material that does not deteriorate with liquids, even in the case of solvents or oils.

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Plastic tiles for use in changing rooms, gyms and common spaces

Outdoor Tile

Loseplast outdoor plastic tile floor with draining function

Loseplast outdoor tiles are characterized by their great versatility. Its simple design makes it possible to place it in any kind of space.

Furthermore, they are made in green, terracotta and grey, so that the customers can choose the colour best suited for their needs.

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